Pioneering Arthritis Treatment For Dogs is Rolled Out And Vets Call it ‘Groundbreaking’

A world-first arthritis treatment for dogs is being rolled out, and vets are hailing it as “groundbreaking.”

The new biological therapy involves the synthesis of antibody molecules to eradicate pain caused by arthritis.

The antibodies have been manufactured in the USA by Zoeitus, the largest global animal health company, and Scotland’s dogs will be the first country to benefit—with eight veterinary clinics across the country distributing the treatments.

Apex Vets, near Falkirk, is one of those clinics, and 13-year-old cocker spaniel Chloe was recently brought in for treatment by her owner Anne McMenemy.

The pooch suffered for nearly ten years with dysplasia in her hind legs and front elbow, which later developed into arthritis. Unfortunately, the medicines available caused liver damage.

McMenemy said: “With this treatment… it’ll be a godsend not just for Chloe but for other dogs living with arthritis too. With her arthritis she’s not able to go out for much walks, if she can walk for 10 minutes instead of five that’d be good progress.”

Chloe will get treatments once a month, and Apex Vets’ co-director Doug Paterson says the new treatment feels like “the next big leap in science.”

“You are not going to have the kidneys suffering or have gastric ulcerations which can be side effects from arthritis medicines,” he explained. “As dogs get older, we have to be careful of giving them anti-inflammatory drugs. With these antibodies, you don’t have these issues.”