Stunning Single-Shot Drone Video That is ‘Bowling’ Over Hollywood in 87 Seconds

A breakneck-speed tour of a Minneapolis bowling alley has seen millions of people watching—and even Hollywood impressed by the slick skills of the pilot.

The 87-second video, produced by Sky Candy Studios, starts above Bryant Lake Bowl before speeding through the doorway, completing several turns around the lanes, and flying up behind the pin-setting machines before passing through the maintenance room and even between a bowler’s legs.

Several Hollywood A-list technicians praised the video as “jaw-dropping,” and the YouTube post quickly accumulated more than a million views.

Farrah Donovan, a bartender at Bryant Lake Bowl, told local news that “everyone is like doubting it. I can vouch that it’s 100% real. I was here.”

Director Anthony Jaska said it wasn’t a commercial shoot, but rather just a way to highlight the amazing capabilities of first-person view (FPV) drone footage.

The pilot was Jay Byrd Christiansen, who nailed 15 out of 15 takes, not crashing the drone a single time—even through tight spaces like between the legs of one person who was polishing a ball in a nod to John Turturro’s character in The Big Lebowski.

“We probably did 10 takes with the camera running,” Christensen told KARE11. “The first few, the timing was way off and we would get to a certain part and the bowler wouldn’t be there, or maybe the drone was a little out of position… “

The final shoot was completed in a single take, remained unedited, and used no CGI. The only alterations of any kind were dubbing in the bowling actors’ voices, again a nod to the most famous bowling film of all time when one bowler can he heard saying, “Mark it 8, dude.”

Sky Candy Studios could now have some big money interest in the skills of its pilots and producers, as Guardians of the Galaxy Director James Gunn tweeted Tuesday: “Oh my God this drone shot is stupendous,” and later “I want them to come with us to London later this year when we shoot Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.”

We’ll be sure to let you know where the Sky Candy crew show up next.